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My goal is to become a trusted advisor and a key resource for you and your organization.

In a world that is all about “I” and “me” my role is to help YOU! In the past 20 plus years of professional services, the one thing that stands out is how great it feels to help my customers and colleagues become successful. Your creative and interactive problems are something I want to help solve.

Creative Direction - Studio & Team Management

My career started in producing print, web, video and animation production. While I still produce concepts for production, I excel at leading creative and interactive teams, managing studios and departments. Below are some of the services I have helped businesses and customers with:

  • Corporate Branding & Design
  • Graphic Design & Print Production
  • Tradeshow Booth Design
  • Storyboarding & Animatics
  • 2D & 3D Animation & Motion Graphics Production
  • Audio, Video & Photography Services
  • Web UI & UX Design & Application Development
  • Marketing & Content Creation
  • 3D Production
  • Project Scoping & Management
  • Talent & Team Sourcing
  • Outsource Management & Vendor Selection
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Business Development & Sales

My experience as a business owner, studio director, creative services manager and consultant has allowed me to produce results. I develop and refine service offerings, sales materials and generate revenue for businesses. I help clients become successful with proven results. Below are some of the offerings that have been created for businesses:

  • 3D Production & Animation Services
  • Bundled Creative Services Offerings
  • Gamification & Adoption Campaigns
  • Marketing & Content Bundles
  • Online Training & Workshops
  • Software Tools & Product Development
How Can I Help You?

Trusted Consultant

You may need short term input on a project or comprehensive consultation for large scale productions. In either case I am happy to provide insight to help solve problems you might have. Below are a few of the options I can help you with:

  • Web & Application Scoping & Discovery
  • Audio & Video Direction & Production Scoping
  • Animation Production Management & Scoping
  • Production Pipeline and Technology Configuration
  • Department Setup and Team Structure
  • Studio Configuration & Layout
  • Marketing Strategy & Campaign Development
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Software Development

I have experience managing concept to deployment of tools and training for applications and code libraries. I leverage a mix of agile and waterfall project management of production processes and pipeline development.

Video Game Asset Development

Responsible for directing teams of 3D and 2D professionals with company marketing, motion capture filming, cinematics, and concept art. Managing end to end production scoping for 3rd party outsourcing and development.


I manage marketing campaigns, sales, presentations, creative direction and team deliverables for web, animation, video and graphic design projects for multiple clients and industries.

Corporate & Enterprise

I help support senior leadership teams, sales & marketing, account management, customer success, product and services groups with subject matter expertise in UI & UX best practices and creative services.

Mentoring & Guidance
Professional Advisory Committee Member & Education Consultant

A versatile industry veteran committed to helping students and professionals with career development and coaching with entrepreneurial endeavors. Working with universities to provide insight and industry expertise for course curriculumn.


Contracted subject matter expert for online master degree courses for university curriculum. Coursework included oversight and subject matter input with implementing new technology in an organization

Advisory Committee Member

Professional advisory committee member helping develop universities educational paths. Universities allow me to provide industry guidance and input for course materials leveraging current business trends.

I have a diverse background with a variety of clients. A professional with 20+ years of industry experience.
For over 10 years I have guided customers and teams through a variety of productions. On the customer side I help envision strategies, concepts, brand standards, design and creative services that encompass a full 360 degree view of each job. Depending on the size of the projects and the technology used, my goal is to align the vision through an endless array of requirements from customers and stakeholders. Keeping the team and vendors on track and ensuring our customers are informed and happy is something I enjoy facilitating. I have found the best work comes from a team that is inspired and motivated to create in an environment that provides a healthy balance of production tasks and strategic downtime that is aligned to an individual's interest. From print to screen, static to interactive, I have the experience to help you succeed.
Working with talented interactive developers is something I enjoy. Solving complicated user interactions and developing experiences that produce quantified results is essential. In this capacity I have a lot of experience acting as a product owner, creative director, project manager, UI designer and UX manager. Each project is unique and requires a balance of discovery for development. I help solve interactive problems through journey mapping, wireframing, low and high fidelity prototyping and iterative user testing. Working with full stack developers, UI and UX professionals is really rewarding.
I have owned a business since 2006 and have helped a variety of clients with creative and interactive development for large and small companies. I have partnered with a variety of contractors, vendors, developers and artists to produce internal and external work. I help facilitate solutions to customers with comprehensive offerings and consulting. My business has allowed me to stay on top of marketing and industry trends that are not always offered through existing roles in an organization. To stay challenged and motivated I broaden my skills and opportunities through my own company which constantly pushes my comfort levels and provides ongoing real world experiences. Through my company I am able to provide income to contractors and build a network of industry professionals that can help solve critical problems.
We are always selling. Selling an idea or convincing someone to agree with you is all part of sales. Knowing how to bridge your marketing efforts to land a sale is a critical component of any business. My experience selling creative services, marketing campaigns, consulting, 3D production and software allows me to have a comprehensive understanding of both the content creation process and how to market to specific target audiences. Supporting global sales enablement initiatives for major corporations across multiple industries gives me a strategic advantage when aligning to marketing campaigns and supporting sales teams. I have experience in both B2B and B2C environments facilitating user experiences for complex sales cycles, ecommerce and digital marketing campaigns. I have helped fortune 500 & 1000 companies create successful sales sites leveraging global subject matter expertise, marketing assets and a variety of technology resources to provide appropriate content in any selling situation. Working for the leader in sales enablement technology and consulting services has allowed me to understand global sales strategies, tactics and insight to make you become successful. As a business owner I have experience managing the marketing and sales initiatives of comprehensive creative service offerings and applications sold on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Through my business I manage sales onboarding and customer pitches to land clients. In addition to sales ownership and training I facilitate the digital and traditional marketing content creation efforts and project management. I work with marketing automation tools, CRM, google business suite applications and online analytics for conversion analysis, as well as manage and deliver strategic discovery processes and cross sell initiatives to help my customers succeed. Understanding the buyer's journey and lead gen funnel processes allows me to align campaigns to a targeted customer persona.
Organizations and clients have leveraged my experience to help guide them through problems that keep them awake at night. Working through in depth discovery typically results in a variety of questions that need to be resolved. Having a fresh set of eyes to help you see problems and solutions in a different way is very beneficial. Sometimes when you are working so closely on a project you can’t see the forest from the trees. I can help bring clarity to your problem. Other times you just need direction on a creative problem and you don’t know where to start. I look forward to helping you with your creative services, and interactive needs
Below Are Some Of The Companies I Have Worked With

Colleagues & Clients

Collaboration & Recommendations

I've had the great pleasure of working with Dave many times over the years, including Disney's Guilty Party. He's the best. Dave is natural manager with passion for his projects and team. Add to that a 360 view of technology/media and the result is a forward thinking project manager who ships product. That's a rare breed.

Jonathan Krusell Program Manager & Producer

Dave is the most driven and goal-oriented person I have worked with to date. If you want something done and done right, Dave Lapekas is the man you can count on. Over the many years I have worked with Dave at High Voltage Software and in other endeavors he is always impressive to watch in action. His professional demeanor, intense dedication to the quality of his work, and pure drive to get the job done to the highest quality are inspirational and contagious to those around him. I cannot recommend him high enough. If I ever start my own company, Dave would be the first person I would hire to manage that company.

Benjamin Savage Project Management Team Lead

One of David’s best characteristics is the fact that he is extremely approachable and truly believes in his artist’s work. As his previous colleague, this quality has lead David’s artists to be confident in their work, receive solid feedback, and know that their work is certainly appreciated. David is one of the hardest working and most talented art directors around. Any organization looking to employ a gifted art director with his heart in the right place, is money well spent.

Charlie Williams Lead Artist / Design Team Manager

David was the "glue" that really held things together. He always knew what was going on and what was coming up. He always kept things running smoothly and on-time at the studio and kept the production staff and clients "smiling" too.

John Sippy Full Stack Software Engineer

There is a word that floats to the top of my mind without fail when someone mentions David: Tireless. We had a narrow margin for both time and budget to produce promotional materials, a website, customized purchase orders and 3D demo assets for our growing business. To say he handled it is an understatement; David has a profound competency in pipeline management, creative direction, and commercial collaboration. He could easily be a one man show, yet he shines as a team player. I look forward to any excuse to work with him.

Stanley Von Medvey Animator / Storyboard Artist

Having worked with Dave off and on for the past seven years through some serious game development, motion graphic, and interactive work, I can honestly say that he is one of the best production managers you will find. His vast knowledge of the different types of media and the level of work that goes into them make him essential to any project. He always maintains a level head during a crisis, is a solid strategic thinker, and reaches far outside the box for those hard-to-find solutions.

Chad Mirshak Creative Director

I worked closely with David on multiple projects at High Voltage. Dave's technical ability and creativity are only rivaled by his relentless work ethic. He is a superb communicator, and got every job done on time or ahead of time, with results that exceeded expectations.
He was exceptionally accommodating to members of every department under tight deadlines, and backed it up with an absolutely fantastic skill set. David's leadership abilities, easy-going attitude, and great personality make him a valuable asset to any team, in any type of production environment.

Brendan Blewett Audio Director

Dave has an absolute stunning amount of professionalism but also a personality that makes him a joy to work with. Dave has a gift of getting extremely high pressure team based assignments done while keeping a smile on his face and being a pleasure to work with. I have worked with countless video game and feature film professionals and if given to opportunity to assemble a dream team, Dave would definitely be on it!

Tony Mecca Cinematic Animator
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